Director’s Profile: Sanjib Dey was born to middle class parents in Golaghat, Assam.

His father was a businessman, who was also a devoted folk musician and his mother, a simple housewife. His grandfather was known to have been an accomplished tabla player and once owned a Jatra dal (folk theatre group) in Bengal. So Sanjib’s lineage, consequently, has been an instinctive source of inspiration for his love for cinema.


Losing his father at a young age, Sanjib often helped his brothers in selling footwear and alcoholic beverages as part of his family business while he was still a young boy. After completing his schooling from Sacred Heart School there, he completed his graduation from University of Delhi. Then he joined an advertising agency followed by a television show as an apprentice. He later moved from Delhi to Mumbai in search of work that he always yearned for.

Sanjib has been working in various capacities in Mumbai Film & Television industry for more than a decade now. He started his career under Sunil Ghosh, a veteran ad-filmmaker and a FTII-Pune alumnus. Sanjib has also worked with other prominent filmmakers like Govind Nihalani, Habib Faisal, R. Sarath, Sekhar Ghosh and more recently, Australian director Sean Lynch for an international TV show in Afghanistan called Eagle Four. The show comprised team from across the globe and won Seoul International Drama Award in 2011. Sanjib directed few non- fiction shows for Indian Television. He has also had a stint at the ZEE group. His short film “A REASONABLE COMPROMISE” was screened at various film festivals including Court Metrage – Short Film Corner, Cannes 2012. Another short film “The 100 Watt Bulb”, which he’d produced, has won him the J. Abraham National Award and the Indian Documentary Producer’s Association (IDPA) Award for Best Short Fiction.

Sanjib was also a speaker at the prestigious TEDxSaraighat 2014.

III Smoking Barrels is his début feature film as a director, for which he was nominated for the Grand Newcomer Award at the 66th International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg, Germany.


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