Kolkata, 2nd December 2018 – SVF’s Christmas release, Adventures of Jojo is getting every child out there excited for the film with its heart-warming and endearing premise.

Taking this factor into account, SVF gathered 400 children from various schools & NGOs in Kolkata (like Shri Gandhi Educational and Welfare Society, etc.) to participate in forming the logo of Adventures of Jojo in front of many spectators and media.

This entire activity involved choreography with props like umbrellas to engage the kids in a fun-filled day along with food and beverages. These children will forever be a part of creating the biggest mosaic-Bengal has ever witnessed in the form of a human logo. It’s also a debut concept because of various props usage for the formation and impact. Drones were flown to capture the magnificence of the event highlighting the perfectly formed logo by the kids like a mosaic.

Watch The Logo Formation:

As an add-on to increase the excitement, Raj Chakraborty and lead cast – Jashojeet Banerjee, Samiul Alam, Rudranil Ghosh and Padmanabha Dasgupta were all present to cheer on the kids for this wonder, and also, showcasing the new Trailer of the film which was released yesterday.

Adventures of Jojo, directed by Raj Chakraborty is a children’s adventure film that narrates the journey of Jojo, a young boy of twelve as he travels to Baropahari to visit his uncle. He makes friends with a young boy Shibu and an elephant Nonibala. The three of them become best of friends and roam around the forests of Boropahari in search of the most feared beast of the forest, Chengis. Who is this Chengis whom the entire jungle of Baropahari fears? Will Jojo be able to rescue Chengis from the clutches of the poachers and save the jungle and its wildlife?

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