Alifa, is a Bengali film shot in Assam.

The story is that of a little girl who lost her riverside home due to flood and soil erosion by the Brahmaputra River. She now lives in a green hilly area in the outskirts of Guwahati with her Father (Ali) , Mother (Fatima) and Brother (Faisal). Ali and Fatima are both daily wage labourers. They struggle daily to fulfill the basic needs of their lives. Alifa’s dream of going to school remains far from realized as both her parents’ meager earning and uncertain livelihood are incapable of meeting the expense. As fate would have it, Fatima developed an affair with a co-worker that caused grave injury to Ali’s faith and longing for her. It’s a human story about survival, hardship and basic truths of life, a story which encompasses various issues like poverty, immigration, basic human struggle to exist, lost innocence and above all a beautiful love story about a family, it’s a story which needs to be told, a story which needs to be seen.

The film was entirely shot in Assam and shows a reflection of Assam’s several complex socio-economic questions.

Alifa is the directorial debut of young filmmaker Deep Choudhury. It is a pioneering work in terms of looking at the immigrant issue with a humanistic approach in the cinematic process of story- telling.


Written and Directed by Deep Choudhury l CAST: Baharul Islam, Jaya Seal Ghosh, Victor Banerjee, Prasun Gain

Deep Choudhury’s debut film Alifa is a tale of  hardship, abuses and uncertainty. The film won National Awards for the Best Debut Film of a director in the 64th National Film Awards


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