The Association of Malayalam Movie Artists, also known as AMMA, has been subjected to controversy due to recent events.

Reports suggest that a prominent South Indian actress, who was a member of AMMA, had been sexually assaulted in a movie car about a year ago. The incident took place on the night of February 17, 2017, in which the actress was assaulted for about two hours. However, AMMA decided not to take any proper action against the accused or look into the matter in order to deliver swift justice.

In an age where women solidarity is more important than ever, three other actresses decided to take the step and quit the association along with her. The three other actresses, Geethu Mohandas, Reema Kallingal and Remya Nambeesan decided to call it quits through a post on a Facebook page called Women in Cinema Collective, or the WCC. AMMA was muddled in further controversy when they had decided to reinstate the powers and perks that are usually given to a member, to an actor called Dileep, who had been accused of sexual assault in the past.

The announcement of resignation came a few days after Dileep was brought back into the association. The actress had stated that her experiences of working in the industry and the association was made more difficult with Dileep in the board, even though her main reason to quit was due to her experiences with the board as a collective, and not just Dileep himself. Dileep, apparently, did not have a good track record with the actress and was instrumental in obstructing her chances in a few movies.

AMMA, according to the other actresses, had decided to help and believe in Dileep’s case instead of the actress, who was also a member. With their resignation, they hope to bring the situation into the limelight so that AMMA comes under significant pressure. This pressure could convince them to look at the case from another point of view. The decisions taken by AMMA were deemed to be “undemocratic” by the actresses.

Mohanlal, the South Indian superstar, and legend of the film industry, is the head of the association but has not given any statement so far. Seven people have been arrested so far, one of them being ‘Pulsar’ Suni.

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