White will be making its Austrian premiere at the Reaktor Indian film festival in Vienna, Austria on 8 June.

The festival marks the screening of films like Waiting, Talking of Michelangelo, Lajwanti, Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain, so on.

Aneek says, “It is good when the film is doing well in Europe. Experimental Cinema or parallel films have greater prospects in that part of the country where quality does not fall at the mercy of slapstick entertainment or masala movies. Hence, we are honored and encouraged that the film is finding good repute among the target audiences.”

Aneek adds, “The film will like to add more laurels before it is ready for Indian premiere. Vienna is a great opportunity after the Cannes screening. The Indian community in Vienna, Austria will taste Indian films and this way, White will be participating in cross cultural exchange. This is also very important in propagation of ideas between Austria and India. Moreover, since it is a silent film, the approach is further wide and makes it universal, so is the topic of this film. Therefore, the festival becomes more important for us.”

Reaktor Indian Film Festival in Vienna is expected to be the first Austrian premiere of director Aneek Chaudhuri’s films till date. Although he won’t be able to attend the screening personally, he is delighted about the selection and shares, “This is the beginning. We are humbled by the process. We know it very well that for an independent venture to gain recognition within national parameters, first it needs to gain a certain amount of goodwill globally. The Vienna festival is likely to fetch in more contacts and with better networking, the film is likely to gain prominence in those parts of the globe. Simple, when revenue earnings is not the factor that determines our worth as a filmmaker, we need to depend on international film festivals.”

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