Film: Ashwatthama

Language: Hindi

How does a young child deal with the trauma of coping with the murder of his mother by bandits? He enters an imaginary realm.

Ashwatthama beautifully talks about Ishvaku, the 9-year-old Ishvaku (Aryan Singh) who gets sent to an uncle’s village, a winter, to start a new life with his cousins after his mother’s is killed in an attack by dacoits. death. The narrow line between reality and imaginations, forms the crux of the movie. The sensitive child is indelibly shaped by the characters he meets and the fields and hillside that lie beyond his house.

Directed by Pushpendra Singh l Cast: Aryan Singh, Lovely Singh, Sangita Kumari, Chitra Sharma, Pushpendra Singh, Anju Singh, Pravendra Singh

Ashwatthama is being screened at the Busan International Film Festival and in the Indian competition section at the Mumbai Film Festival (October 12-18). Shot almost entirely in black-and-white monochrome with splashes of colour. The locations help in adding the quality of weightlessness to the story, which could be taking place any time between the present and the past. The film is shot in rural Agra on the border of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The place houses a complex of ancient Shiva temples and is a pilgrimage destination.


courtesy: chineseshadows


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