Film: Bhent

Language: Bhojpuri

Bhent accounts for the twenty-four hours spent by an artist named Gyanendra (played by Namit Tiwari), and his ex-girlfriend Roli (played by Ruchi Mishra), who is a writer. The pair has met for the first time in four years. The duo engages in an intellectual conversation and discusses all matters of life; from the trivialities of everyday life to the clash of culture with modernity. They verbose characters tackle the idea of identity and a sense of belonging. If one is to embrace modernity, how much of it should they embrace, and how much of their traditional roots should they let go of? The film continues to bring up questions about the different intricacies of life, as the people try to adjust to the constant zephyr of the winds of change. The film has been subject to numerous awards at film festivals and has received critical acclaim for its depth and storyline, as well as the performances of the leads.

Cast: Namit Tiwari, Ruchi Mishra, Rahul Singh, Abhinav Agnihotri, Omkar Gokhle, Manish Mishra, Smt. Nirmala Mishra

written, directed and produced by Ashish P Mishra

Director of Photography: Rahul Singh

Music: Omar Gokhale

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