Title: Calendar
Language: Assamese
Release: 16th February, 2018

Himjyoti Talukdar’s Calendar is made under the banner of Enajori talkies. The film stars some of the veterans of the Assamese industry like Malaya Goswami, and Arun Nath. Calendar marks the directorial debut of Himjyoti. The film won big in the recently concluded Prag Cine Awards, taking as many as 7 awards.

This film tells the tale of Hitesh and Manorama Kakati, who live in a small town. Hitesh Kakati is a retired and well respected teacher. Their son, Arunav, marries a non-Assamese woman. However, that holds no bar in the Kakati household, as both parents love their son and daughter-in-law equally. However, Arunav returns home from Delhi one day and talks to his mother about his troubles in his personal life. Manorama decides that she needs to help her son. She has the habit of recording every bit of her day in a journal gifted to her by her husband. A time comes when she starts marking the dates in circles, without mentioning the specific event associated with that date. This is quite contrary to her usual habits and leads to a different direction in the movie; a direction which changes Hitesh Kakati’s world forever.

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Director: Himjyoti Talukdar | Cast: Arun Nath, Malaya Goswami, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Rimjhim Deka

Production: Enajori Talkies
Screenplay: Himjyoti Talukdar, Santanu Rowmuria, Jhulan Krishna Mahanta
Cinematography: Dikhit Das
Editing: Jhulan Krishna Mahanta
Sound: Debajit Gayan
Music: Tarali Sarma

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