Cholôma (English: Birth) is a Tiwa feature film directed and produced by Sumir Dewri Damlong under the banner of ‘The Wild Lalungs’. The film features Nomal Amsi, Sunmoli Mithi, Bhaswati Patar, Dijen Amsi and Sumuli Amsi in lead role.
Cholôma is the first contribution to the Assamese film contrary scripted in Tiwa language and written by Sumir Dewri Damlong.

Plot Summary: ‘Cholôma’ is a combination of two stories infected by some true incidents. In the first story has a protagonist named Nomal, a forest villager, and his wife is three months pregnant woman. One day his wife faces a deep pain in her stomach and as the village is very isolated, they did not reach hospital on time. Finally, she and her baby died in her womb. Though she died, they both had some dreams to uplift their own village. So, Nomal does start to fulfill all the dreams comes true like schooling facility for children at their village and communication and connectivity with other places. The next story introduces another forest village family, father is a real drunker, daughter is a mentally challenged 13 years old girl, and mother is a hardworking woman. Mother has all the responsibilities to look after her single daughter. Both her parents do not get time to spend with her as father always does alcoholic and mother goes out for work. Sometime they even face mocking and criticize by the villagers for her child because her daughter though grows up physically but mentally she does not able to get the things as the other child of her age can get easily. One day, few bad guys take advantage of her disability and rape her child. Though that situation makes really a tragic incident, they never drop down and start to live peacefully.

Soundtrack: The music of the film is composed by Dijen Amsi & his team.
Music arranged by Prilu Amsi, Rinku Boro & Sumir Dewri.


Director: Sumir Dewri |
CAST: Nomal Amsi, Sunmoli Mithi, Bhaswati Patar, Dijen Amsi, Khumoli Amsi




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