Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Jaa Riya Hoon is a billet-doux to Old Delhi with its fusion of multi-culture, religion and ideology.

The film is tied together with interviews of 75 migrant workers and follows the lives and aspirations of a pickpocket, a sweetmeat vendor from Uttar Pradesh, and a loader from Kerala, who all live on an abandoned rooftop. Akash, a local Jain, conduct heritage walks through Old Delhi, the pickpocket inspired by it, comes up with his own innovative ‘alternative walks’ which reveal the city’s underbelly but land him in trouble with small-factory owners and the police. Changing tack, he conducts a final ‘dream walk’ that takes us deep into the migrant communities’ subconscious. Light and humorous in its approach, Ghode ko Jalebi is notable for its portrayal of the mix of languages spoken in Old Delhi, including Urdu, Hindi, English, Malayalam and Bhojpuri, together with street versions of the same.

Title: Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Ja Riya Hoon
Language: Hindi
Release Date: n/a
Genre: Drama

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Direction: Anamika Haksar |
Cast: Raghuvir Yadav, Rabindra Sahu, Lokesh Jain, Gopalan

Screenplay: Anamika Haksar
Executive Producer: Gurudas Pai
Dialogue: Lokesh Jain
Cinematography: Saumyananda Sahi
Film Editing: Paresh Kamdar
Sound Designer: Gautam Nair
Production Designer: Archana Shastri
Research: Lokesh Jain and Chavi Jain
Location Sound & Sound Design: Gautam Nair
VFX: Soumitra Ranade, Paperboat Design Studios Pvt Ltd
Background score & Music: Tyrax Ventura
Art Direction: Manish Kansara
Post-production supervisor: Piyush Kashyap
Costume designer: Sneha Kumar
Music: Tyrax Ventura
Trailer Edit: Shweta Rai

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