Half Widow, written, directed and produced by Danish Renzu is a breathtaking tale of a Kashmiri woman whose carefree life goes through a harsh change after the sudden disappearance of her husband.

The film had a world premiere in New York at South Asian International Film Festival and the film was very well received. Renzu is a Kashmir born film director, whose work in direction and writing have been received with critical acclamation. His performances have earned him official selections at various film festivals and recognition in the press and media.

The film is about a young Kashmiri woman, Neela, the protagonist of the film, whose husband is taken away while having dinner one night and then he never returns. Neela spends rest of her life hoping that her husband will come back, and goes through suffering for years looking for her husband. She faces insurmountable pain after the loss of her husband and is unable to cope with it. This is her journey of finding the strength to live her life again and the acceptance of her loss that accompanies strength. During the process, she finds her peace. The film portrays hope and empowerment in abundance.

Directed by: Danish Renzu | CAST: Neelofar Hamid, Mir Sarwar, Shahnawaz Bhat, Yasmeena Wani, Noor Mohammad, Ayaan Sikander, Rhonda Leal & Haseena Sofi

Half Widow is a breathtaking tale of a Kashmiri woman whose happy life takes a drastic turn as her husband is made to disappear, and her brother loves and protects her in her struggle as a half widow.

Best Feature Film- Audience Award at South Asian International Film Festival, New York, Dec 18 2017
Festival Screenings:
South Asian International Film Festival, New York, United States (Dec 16 2017)
Jaipur International Film Festival, Jaipur, India (Jan 7, 2018)
Most critics see Half Widow, as one of the greatest works in Kashmiri cinema. We first discussed the nature of independent storytelling in Kashmir before looking at the specific characteristics of Renzu’s work.
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