‘Ish Debashish’ the new anthem for workaholics!
SVF Music releases its first single of 2019: Anupam Roy’s ‘Ish Debashish’
Kolkata, 25th January 2019 – SVF Music and Anupam Roy release their first single of the year – Ish Debashish, featuring prominent television actor Joey Deb Roy.
With Ish Debashish, Anupam Roy touches the right chord among the present fast-moving career driven generation who forget to enjoy the small pleasures of life due to their hectic schedules. Apart from the realistic plot, hard hitting lyrics, is the trend-setting music by The Anupam Roy & Band.
Positive about this fresh new number, Anupam Roy said: “Ish Debashish is inspired from people of this generation who are running the rat race, giving up on their dreams and other passions. I’m sure the pragmatic lines and the jazzy tune will reach out to all.”
Ish Debashish narrates the story of an everyday working individual represented by Debashish (played by Joey) who is tired of his monotonous life and the incessant number of calls and messages that he receives from work everybody. He wants a break from this tiresome life and realises that he had sacrificed the prime years of his youth for his work instead of enjoying life, playing sports or spending time with the girl whom he had a crush on. Now when he looks around, he finds other people having fun, young boys playing sports and someone else sitting beside the woman he desired. Adding to his woes, Debashish puts up fake stories on social media to make people around him believe that he is doing fine. The song ends with Debashish looking at his phone, wondering whether he will go back to work or not.
Composed and sung by Anupam Roy and produced by SVF Music, Ish Debashish has been released today and is streaming in all audio platforms.
Song Credits :
Song Name: Ish Debashish
Lyrics, Music and Vocals: Anupam Roy
Arranged by: The Anupam Roy Band
Guitar: Rishabh Ray
Keyboard and Backing Vocals: Nabarun Bose
Bass Guitar: Kaustav Biswas
Drums: Sandipan Parial
Check out the lively number here:
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