An Indian-French-Dutch co-production that yielded out of the Goa Film Bazaar, Juze was selected for international sales by Films Boutique.

Miransha Naik,the budding director wrote ‘Juze’ while he was a screenwriting student at Whistling Woods International in Mumbai. What may be of surprise is the fact that the film’s title alludes to its antagonist.

The Konkani word juze is a synonym for a slum lord. The film is set up in a village in Goa

where the villagers face routine brutality and harassment by their employer and landlord. 16-year old Santosh stands up against it and fights against oppression. The hero is worshipped everywhere, in all stories spoken or heard but little is said about what led to the fall of evil. In a real life scenario, this always happens and we see

examples of these big bullies who make it miserable for everyone.

‘Juze’ speaks about the antagonist, as much as it does about the protagonist, and I

named him because he was wrong.”

Directed by Miransha Naik | CAST: Hrishikesh Nai

Naik after having received accolades for his performance also seemed to open the door to content-driven films in the Konkani cinema industry. Even though the film has reached a global audience, the young director seems disappointed with the fact that it hasn’t made it to the Berlin or Cannes Film Festivals.

Miransha Naik: “I always say this, I’ve never wanted to become the filmmaker who wants to preach. I have never done films to give a message or to make a statement. For me, filmmaking has always been about sharing an engaging story and expressing yourself. If the message does come through your honest expressions, then that becomes an actuality…There was a guy named Santosh, and I know Juze too. When I had to write the story, I can’t say exactly how it happened but a lot of it was very true. I had to change a few things to fit in the screenplay, otherwise, most of it is based on real life and inspired by true events and situations.”


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