Since the last 45 years, Kashmir saw no films being screened outside the state from the local production because it became a breeding ground of political conflict.

Amidst the perpetual political disorder, Hussein Khan manages to conjure a creative diary of a journalist who raises a voice against drug abuse and unemployment. Hussein who was a former actor and journalist experimented with his debut film, “Kashmir Daily” and mourned the restrictions on his creativity because of the lack of funds.

The History of Kashmiri cinema dates back to 1964 which released Jagjiram Pal’s ‘Mainz Raat’ and the last Kashmiri film to get a theatrical release outside the region was Prabhat Mukherjee’s 1972 film ‘Shayar-e-Kashmir Mehjoor’ in 1972. Hussein also expressed his excitement over its release after forty-five years.

It is the first movie from Kashmir that is getting released all over India. It is more realistic rather than mere entertainment. One’ll find an Iranian cinema touch to the film, it isn’t like a commercial Bollywood film.

After India, the makers plan to go international because the film is in Kashmiri and Hindi. World cinema is the target. Keeping in mind the larger audience and the makers are planning to screen the film outside India. As most films do rounds of film festivals and then they come back for a release but the makers in this case wanted to release it first. Getting good reviews and recognition from Kashmir World Film Festival reassured their confidence.

Directed by: Hussein Khan | CAST: Mir Sarwar, Zameer Ashai, Hussein Khan, Sanam, Neelam Singh, Rajinder Tickoo

Release Date: 06th January 2018
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