Prashant Rasaily’s ‘Kathaa’ is the first Sikkimese feature film which made it to the wider audiences and prestigious film festivals. An epic tale of love and friendship set in the beautiful Himalayas.

“Kathaa” is an epic tale of love and friendship set in the beautiful Himalayas of Sikkim. One of the few feature films and the first Sikkimese feature film shot in Gnathang- East Sikkim, one of the remotest villages of Sikkim. The film is directed and written by Prashant Rasaily starring Saugaat Malla, Usha Rajak, and Timothy Rai. The romantic-tragedy film is produced by Raaz Gadaily.

Prashant Rasaily started his filmmaking career in 2001. He is skilled at avrious departments of filmmaking such as cinematography, video-editing, background score, writing, and direction being his forte. Prashant has been a part of various filmmaking workshops with aspiring filmmakers from the North-east region of India and Nepal since 2007.

The National Award winning actor, Geentajali Thapa, who also hails from Sikkim and has been a part of Hindi Cinema since 2010, started her career with a Prashant Rasaily’s short film titled Myth. Geetanjali Thapa has films like Liar’d Dice, ID, Tigers, Trapped to name a few on her list of filmography. Her latest film was the recently released film titled Kuch Bheege Alfaaz.

Prashant Rasaily’s filmography includes:
Myth (2005),
Kagbeni (2006),
Dead Man Talking (2007),
Mother (2007),
Children of light (2008),
Acharya (2010-11),
Kathaa (2012),
Soul Sister (2013),
Helen (2015-16),
Handuman (2016).

Written & Directed by Prashant Rasaily | Cast: Saugaat Malla, Usha Rajak, Timothy Rai.



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