Title: Manusangada
Language: Tamil
Release: N/A
Duration: 93 minutes

Veteran documentary filmmaker Amshan Kumar, who has won a National Film Award for his documentary film Yazhpanan Thedchanamoorthy – Music beyond boundaries, has directed his second feature length movie Manusangada. The Tamil language film at present is doing the festival rounds.

WATCH the Trailer:

Director: Amshan Kumar | Cast: Rajeev Anand, Sasikumar, Dinesh Damodharan, Sethu Darwin, Gnanasekar Gnani , Manimegalai , Karuna Prasad, Vidhur Rajarajan, Sheela Rajkumar, Anand Sampath

The movie tells a true tale of a man named Kolappan who seeks justice for being mistreated as a Dalit. The casteist viewpoints do not show any reprieve even in the death of Kolappan’s father, whose body cannot be carried in the common pathway, towards the crematorium. The officials believe that this would “pollute” the pathway for others, and do not help Kolappan. The man then decides to protest, and to his surprise, sees that his fellow villagers are in his full support. This movie is a must watch in order to understand the plight of Dalits in Indian society.

Production: S. Thara & Gana.Natkunan
Screenplay: Amshan Kumar
Cinematography: P.S.Dharan
Editing: Dhanasekar
Sound: Rajesh  Saseendran
Music: Aravind – Shankar
Festivals & Awards: Cairo International Film Festival, Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival, Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India , Goa, ICFT Unesco Gandhi Medal award competition, International Film Festival of India , Goa, Chennai International Film Festival, Pune International Film Festival, Thrissur International Film Festival

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