Movie: Where

Language: Mizo


The film WHERE is Inspired by true events and deals with human trafficking and prostitution.

Zothani and Esther are two Mizo girls whose search for a livelihood takes them far away from Mizoram to work in a beauty parlour. When they reached there they found it was not as they had expected.

The girls who were looking for employment opportunity outside their native place met with one girl named Rakhi, whom they thought was very trustworthy as she offered them a job but sold them off to some group of human traffickers who were dealing with human trafficking and prostitution.

WHERE is not an individual project, initiatives were taken by Mizoram Thalai Kristian Pawl (MTKP) to make a feature film on a sensitive subject which is ignored by many but is chewing up the society from inside. The main objective was to give an awareness to the people, especially the people of Mizoram regarding human trafficking.

Written & Directed: B. Lalbiakvela | CAST: Vanlalpeki Ralte, Lalduhsaki Sailo, Bethsylalrinsan, K. Lalrinmawii, Bonic Lalengmawia, Elvis Ngurchungnunga

Around 70 people acted in the film; they are all members of Mizoram Thalai Kristian Pawl which is a Mizoram Baptist Youth Christian Fellowship. Auditions were held searching for the characters of the leading roles.  The supporting cast were mainly friends and family members of the directors and crews and they willingly participated. Shot in two locations, where the majority of the scenes were shot in Mizoram and some of the scenes were shot at Guwahati.

Zothanpuii: Vanlalpeki Ralte
Esther: Lalduhsaki Sailo
Babul: Elvis Ngurchungnunga
Rajest: Bonik Lalengmawia
Igni: K. Lalrinmawii
Rakhee: Esther Lalrinpuii
Lashmi: Rosy. K. Remsangpuii
Bethsy: Adella
Sunil: R. Laldinpuia
Bijoy: Bijoy
Minister: Dr M Pathak
Father: Rev. Fr. Balthasar
Sub INSPECTOR: Mapuia Chongtho
Minister Kailash: Dr M. Pathak
Sushma: Lalthakimi
Tluangi: Rebec Darhmingthangi
Zothani pa: Upa. F.Lalhlira
Zothani nu: H.Zaithankhumi
Estheri nu: P.C Lianngaizuali
Zothani nau: Lalrampari Khiangte

Written and Directed: B.Lalbiakvela
Director Of Photography: Malsawma Fanai
Casting: B.Lalbiakvela
Camera Crew: Ngaihawma Fanai, Mapuia Chongthu

Music:  Nelson Chongthu
Audio Mastering: Mathana efx, Serkawn
Sound Recordist: Lalhruaitluanga

Light: Z.D.Lalduatpuia
Still photographer: Henry lallianzuala, h.lalhmunsiama
Behind the scene: R.V.L Malsawmkima

Costume Designer: Saidingliani Sailo, Rebbeca Lallawmkimi, Hrahsel
Make-Up Artist: R.Lianropuii
English Dialogue Editor: R.Biaklawmi
NArration: K.C Lalthanzuali (Teteii)
OST: pensy B Lalthangliani, sangzuali, Rosy k Remsangpuii

WATCH the trailer here:

RELEASE DATE: 15th March 2018


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