Mor Sangee trailer:

MOR SANGEE is an Adivasi Feature film solely produced by JOHAR PRODUCTION. Its an Action pact, romantic, friendship, comedy Drama film. Set in the serene green of Assam, Mor Sangee tells a story of two childhood friends cum lovers whose love triumps over all evil. Indian adivasi films are very rare. Mor Sangee was created using technically advanced equipments, ggiving it a more cinematic feel. The dance sequences are beautifully choreographed and the music given by Probin lakra are a craze among adivasi youths. The songs Jio Sangee Jio has crossed over a millions views in the popular video portal Youtube in a short span of time. The other song ‘Olley Olley’ has also garnered over half a million views.

Director/Music Director PROBIN LAKRA has put his mind and soul to take this film to the next level in the history of Adivasi film Industry.

The Film is edited by Flavius Jojo (Centerseat Seat Production). Flavius Jojo is well known for his previous work as one of the most creative editor in NDTV. He has used ‘Black Magic Ursa’ to capture the cinematography for this film.

Casting: G.D. NAG, Divya Kalar, D.R. Lakra.



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