It is no surprise that our Bollywood celebrities have abundant wealth and the power to influence millions across the globe.

Their overwhelming influence, fame and heavy bank balance is a result of their sacrifice and hard work. Many celebrities have fought for a good cause and have become prominent figures in the field of charity. There are plenty of celebs who frequently donate to the charity despite their busy schedules and workload, and are changing the world for the better.

This is our list of 10 philanthropic celebrities in Bollywood:

Aamir Khan
We all know that this list would go incomplete without this actor who is constantly donating his wealth. Aamir often gets involved with big programmes and initiatives but never chooses to flaunt it. The actor has always donated a huge amount of money to people affected by natural calamities. In fact, the actor is also the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and makes hefty donations to those in need.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Like her father-in-law, this beautiful actress has a pure heart of gold that is not limited to a good face and her wealth. The winner of the Miss World pageant started a foundation that supports the poor and needy. Furthermore, the actress with gorgeous eyes has also donated her eyes to Eye Bank Association of India.

Amitabh Bachchan

The Shahenshah of Bollywood is known for his philanthropic nature throughout his career span and has worked in a number of organizations including UNICEF’S Pulse Polio Drive and ‘The Tsunami Welfare’ where he’s known to donate huge amounts of money. He’s also been a part of an online bidding scheme called ‘Jeneration’ which allows celebrities to put their clothes and shoes on an auction. The money collected is used for charity.

John Abraham

John is very vocal about his love for animals and is
an active member of PETA for which he has donated huge amounts of money. Like most of our other celebrities, he too has never flaunted it. He is also the founder of ‘John’s Brigade for Habitat’ that provides food and shelter to the needy. We can’t help crushing his modesty, now!

Priyanka Chopra

This incredible diva won’t stop giving us reasons to be so proud of her. Apart from conquering the world with her acting abilities, Piggy Chops has always come forward to help kids with their education and health. She’s functioning as the National ambassador of UNICEF and is currently associated with ‘Save the Girl’ campaign with the same organization. She has raised funds for the support of the girl child and their safety for many years.

Rahul Bose

The brilliant actor, director became the Oxfam Global Ambassador in 2007. This particular campaign runs and provides rehabilitation and relief programmes for people living in harsh environmental conditions of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He opened ‘The Foundation’ that is an active supporter of equality as well as ‘World Without Discrimination’ initiative.

Salman Khan

We all know why this bad boy is so loved and revered in the industry and beyond. The Bhai of Bollywood is known to be one of the most charitable celebrities in the country. The superstar started his own NGO called ‘Being Human’, which is one of the biggest functioning organizations in the country that supports the underprivileged children and kids who have no way of paying their medical bills. Being Human fights for a cause, and so does Salman!

Shahrukh Khan

It shouldn’t come as surprise to you that he is one of the most giving celebs in the industry. The superstar doesn’t choose to highlight his charitable nature and is secretly associated with more than ten NGOs and organizations. In his spare time, he spends quality time with orphaned kids and specially-abled children, while continuing to donate huge amounts of money to various hospitals that help the poor people meet their medical expenses. If that wasn’t enough, he raises funds through his concerts as well that supports people affected by natural calamities.

Sonam Kapoor

Besides being a fashion diva, this glamorous actress is recognized for her philanthropic attributes. She frequently hosts charity dinner events that help in raising funds for children suffering from cancer. Sonam Kapoor is also the brand ambassador of Cuddles and is in close association with Smile Foundation that helps meet the nutritional needs of children afflicted with cancer and the underprivileged children. The diva also collaborated with designer Pernia Qureshi and donated outfits from her wardrobe.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan has always been a part of initiatives that address women health and hygiene. She’s never shied away from raising her voice for awareness programmes and currently, she functions as the brand ambassador for clean drinking water and sanitation campaign in India. The actress also supports ‘Clean India’ campaign that is an initiative to make India clean and hygienic.

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