Dar Gai’s second film “Namdev Bhau in search of silence” premiered at the Busan International Film Festival, and had it’s UK Premier at the BFI’s London Film Festival.

Namdev is a driver from Mumbai. Dar conceived the idea of Namdev Bhau while being driven around the city by him.

Title: Namdev Bhau
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2018
Genre: Adventure/Drama

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Direction: Dar Gai | Cast: Arya Dave, Namdev Gurav, Zoya Hussain

Producer: Dheer Momaya
Line producer: Faraz Ahsan
Co-producer: Dar Gai
DOP: Aditya Varma
Background music: Andrea Guerra
Film Editing: Shounok Ghosh
Sound Designer: Rakshit Thantry
Additional Designer: Verdiana Saint Amour
Additional Songs: Vivienne Mort
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director: Yash Gonsai
Re-recording mixer: James Walker

Namdev, a 65-year-old chauffeur is grumpy and exhausted by the discord that envelops his surroundings and then he begins a journey in search of silence. The film is for the urban city dwellers who endure and survive much more than their capacity to withstand the sensory overload.

Sound designer Shounak Ghosh has a significant contribution to writer-director Dar Gai’s feature film. Aditya Varma’s cinematography is striking and successful in capturing Ladakh’s panorama, thus providing for an expressive journey. Not to forget Italian artist Andra Guera who went on to compose the background score of the film. Andrea is a two time Academy Award/ Golden Globe/ Grammy nominee for the films ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘Hotel Rwanda’.

His quest for tranquillity leads him to Ladakh from Mumbai. During the course of his solo excursion, Namdev or Namdev Bhau, as he’s addressed by everyone that comes across him, crosses path with a 12-year-old Aaliq played by Aarya Dave. He goes on to become Namdev’s travel companion. He, on the other hand, has his own journey to make.
‘Namdev Bhau’ has already travelled to film festivals across the globe ranging from BFI London International Film Festival (UK Premiere), Busan International Film Festival (Asia Premiere), Mami 2018 (India Premiere) and the 7th edition of the Dharamshala International Film Festival. The next film festival to screen ‘Namdev Bhau’ will be IFFI Goa.

Dar made her debut in direction through ‘Teen Aur Aadha’ which too was received by an equally enthralling reaction by the audiences and critics. Black comedy ‘Namdev Bhau’ is the second production venture of Jugaad Motion Pictures after ‘Teen Aur Aadha’. Both the films have earned a large international audience engagement and Dar has been celebrated as an emerging voice in contemporary Indian cinema.


Duration: 84 mins
Release Year: 2018
Language: Hindi/Marathi
Genre: Drama
Format: DCP 2K
Camera: Panasonic GH4
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Country of Production: India


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