Nawmai The Wancho Warrior a 2018 Arunachali war-drama is the debut feature film of Jovi Wangjin Wangsa.

Nawmai The Wancho Warrior is a fictional story based on the warrior from Wancho tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in middle era where he fights for his love and his land. The film’s cast includes Powang Wangsa and Lemngam Atraham in the lead. The rest of the cast includes Noktong, Tinglam, Taichat , Kolem, Nokkam, Aloh, Hontho, Akhun.

Title: Nawmai The Wancho Warrior
Language: Wancho
Release date: 2019 (Summer)
Genre: War/Drama
Duration: 90 minutes

Watch the TEASER:

Direction: Jovi Wangjin Wangsa
Cast: Powang Wangsa, Lemngam Atraham, Noktong, Tinglam, Taichat , Kolem, Nokkam, Aloh, Hontho, Akhun
Story and Screenplay: Jovi Wangjin Wangsa
Asst Director: Ripunjoy Nirmolia
Director Of Photography: Kapil Das
Assistant cameraman: Pranjal Gogoi
Teaser Music: Ankur Gogoi
Production House: KapDx Media
Visual Effects: Moody Parda, Saurabh Sharma



Jovi Wangjin Wangsa, is a Dubai based doctor who after graduating in Bachelor in Homoeopathy Medicine and Surgery from Delhi University moved to Dubai. His love for filmmaking made him learn about the craft through online videos and various film festivals and screening he attended in Dubai. With enough fund to roll out his first feature, he moved to his native place and started working on his debut film collaborating with experienced crew members.

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