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Onaatah l Khasi Movie l Trailer

Onaatah l Khasi Movie l Trailer

Film: Onaatah

Language: Khasi


This romance drama by two-time award-winning Khasi film director, Pradip Kurbah is certainly a beauty on its own. The plot of the story revolved around a rape victim and the stereotypes the society projects on her. This completely crushes her inside out and cages her beliefs but maybe life is about finding the light that leads. Here’s the narrative of a fighter. She refuses to be a loser but doesn’t know how to pick up the pieces of a broken life. When the events of one fateful night leave her scarred and the courts and society keep dragging her hurt for years; she is almost broken. As suggested by her father earlier, Onaatah ponders on taking a break and going to her uncle’s remote village. Her decision to come to her uncle’s village takes her to another world. He and his wife are a constant support to Onaatah and she is absorbed in their day-to-day lives. Adding to the flavour of the film is the rich terrain of the Khasi hills. The freshness of it all would be a treat for the viewers. In her Uncle’s village is the slightly weird and naive Duh. A young man, he does almost everything that comes his way for a living. Onaatah’s perspective about life changes when she gets introduced to the other characters of the village. The rustic simplicity makes Onaatah look at life differently. This is another world, a world very different from that of Onaatah’s.

Directed by National Award film maker Pradip Kurbah l Cast: Merllvin Jede Mukhim, Sweety Pala

Sweety Pala, Ampolous Rajee, Banatimon Mawlong, Benjamin War, Destina Mawrie, Enshon Lamare, Margarita Marbaniang, Mary Nonghuloo, Renaldus Kharbuli,Richard Kharpur, Tashneem Lyngdo, Wansuklin Kynta

Pradip Kurbah
Arpana Kurbah, Jova Kurbah,Arhendimi Pala, Mayvaria Lyngdoh, Vishakha Singh
Production Company:
Kurbah Films
3ME Entertainment
Cat n Mouse Entertainment
Line Producer:
Dipankar Dasgupta
IB Wanniang
Pradip Daimary
Ramesh Sharma
Shaiju Nambiadath
Lionel Fernandes
Paulami Duttagupta
Pradip Kurbah
Director of Photography:
Pradip Daimary
Anurag Saikia
Sound Designer:
Hengul Medhi
Sound Editor
Debajit Gayan
Lionel Fernandes



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