Title: Bhauji Vidhata
Language: Bhojpuri

Padam Gurung, the veteran director from the music world of Bhojpuri industry is making his directorial feature film debut ‘Bhauji Vidhata’.

The movie is a social drama, which sheds light on issues of women empowerment and child marriage. Music being his forte Padam Gurung have brought freshness to the film by creating soulful music. Gurung says, “My film is a clean film. Unlike most of the Bhojpuri film, it’s not sleezy or over the top, I’ve tried to make a movie for a family audience.”

Interview Highlights:

Video Transcription:

Q: About his debut film.
A: For many years I was thinking of making a good Bhojpuri film. With that mindset, I made this film on women empowerment. It’s a drama film with a message which does not consist any unnecessary violence

Q: The USP of the film.
A: I came up with the concept of Bhauji Vidhata about 3 years back. we shot the film in Delhi and Manali. I sat down with my music director and writer and to discuss the pace, drama and emotion that I wanted in the film. The duo understood what was in my mind and delivered exactly the same. Resulting in the songs turning out to be so beautiful that today all the songs are creating a huge a wave with the audience. The songs are very different from the ongoing trend of Bhojpuri movie songs which even a person who doesn’t speak Bhojpuri can hum to the tunes.

Q: The Masala Item
A: This is the first in Bhojpuri cinema where we have included a Russian girl to perform an item song. That in a way is to make my film a bit different from the rest.

Q: Technical aspect.
A: Most cameras today give the 4K qualities. We have cameras like Arrie Alexa, Red Epic that brings out the desired quality. One can even make a film with DSLR like 5D, take the footage for DI and it will give a film look, but we used a high-end camera for a more cinematic look of the film similar to Bollywood films. For this, we have to opt for the best cameras and other equipment available.

Q: If the movie will get a multiplex release?
A: If we take our film to PVR, they have certain technical criteria. And that’s where Bhojpuri cinema lacks, we make films, but we ignore the technical aspect. Hence, the quality goes for a toss. At present the multiplexes ignore Bhojpuri films, which is a very sorry state for the industry.

Q: The issue with Bhojpuri Industry.
A: Bhojpuri market can be compared to that of Hindi cinemas. But due to many reasons, people have moved on from Bhojpuri cinema to Hindi cinema.
If you look at Mona Lisa who was a contestant in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss, people loved her. But again people have tagged us as vulgar and low-level cinema. People have standardised Bhojpuri cinema as C-grade films. If one follows our cinema they will know the history, the depth of the lyrics. We have respected artist like Kalpana Patowary, Gopal Rai, Bharat Sharma, these are legends from the music industry.

Q: The huge Bhojpuri market.
A: Bhojpuri is not just limited to illiterates, we have educated people, people who are very creative, and are bringing the much-needed change. If you look at the area, we cover Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Ahmedabad, Mumbai. We even have a huge audience worldwide so when the film is screened outside India, we put subtitles in English.
To sell our film, we do get satellite rights to also dub it in any other regional language. So we need to plan this accordingly in the pre-production stage that which regions can we show the film for a wider segment of the audience. I have made my film in such a way that if dubbed in any other regional language, one can easily view and enjoy. So

Q: The final words.
A: I request you, viewers, to watch my film BV. It is a clean family film. I assure you will love it, the songs are also very beautiful.


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