Title: Paddayi
Language: Tulu
Release date: 13 July, 2018
Duration: 100 minutes
Age suitability: A

Abhaya Simha’s fourth film in the last 10 years is titled Paddayi. Paddayi brings into the fold another adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece of a tragedy, Macbeth. The film is set in a village in the outskirts of a huge city.

Madhava and Sugandhi are the two protagonists of the film, and belong to the fishermen community. Their desire to engage in social climbing is given wings because of the various prophecies and rumours that raid the land. Dinesha, a fleet owner shows the pair hope, and then betrays them by taking away what he promised. Madhava and Sugandhi desire revenge and retribution for the cruel joke played on them. As Sugandhi eggs Madhava on, the tale turns into one which incorporates murder, betrayal, insecurity and regret.

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Director: Abhaya Simha | Cast: Gopinath Bhat, Sadashiva Ninasam, Bindu Raxidi, Prabhakar Kapikad, Chandrahas Ullal, Mohan Sheni, Srinidhi Achar, Ravi Bhat, Vani Periodi, Avinash Rai, Mallika Jyotigudde

Producer: Nithyananda Pai
Screenplay: Abhaya Simha
Cinematography: Vishnuprasad P
Editing: Prashant Pandit
Sound: Jamie Dsilva, Shishira K.V
Music: Kadri Manikant

Awards & Festivals: National Award for Best Tulu Film, New York Indian Film Festival, Bangalore International Film


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