Title: Pipsi
Language: Marathi
Release: 27th July, 2018

Rohan Deshpande’s Pipsi a children movie starring Maithili Patwardhan, Sahil Joshi is set to hit the theatres on July 27th.

Pipsi is an endearing story told from the viewpoints of children, juxtaposes the mythic with the realism of a village in Maharashtra. An acute sense of care and belonging is brought about through the innocence of the characters of Chaani and Baalu, with the duo scavenging for an aquatic creature who could supposedly save Chaani’s mother from imminent death and cure her terminal illness. Their main obstacles on this journey prove to be the lack of water itself, which alone causes problems in finding a fish similar to the one which King Satyavrat used to save humanity from being engulfed in majestic waters.

Pipsi was screened in Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival the previous year, with the story of two children and their pet fish endearing the audience to great a great extent. Rohan Deshpande’s film’s premise definitely makes it worth a watch.

WATCH the trailer:

Director: Rohan Deshpand | Cast: Maithili Patwardhan, Sahil Joshi

Produced: Vidhi Kasliwal
Written: Saurabh Bhave
DOP: Late Aviram Mishra
Editor: Mayur Hardas
Sound Department: Jyoti Chetia, Abhijeet V. Sapre
Visual Effects: Roopak Ghadei, Sandeep Mane, Sanjiv Naik, Kadam Raj
Animation Department: Asis Giri, Pratik Jawarkar, Divyesh Popat, Piyal Sarkar, Ajay Shinde

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