Director Deepak Tirkey’s debut feature film Saathiyaa is a Sadri language love story.

Saathiyaa cast includes Swikaar Mundary and Jennifer Ekka in the lead. The rest of the cast includes Rajesh Tirkey, Subhash etc. Saathiyaa is about a Christian Adivasi boy, David (played by Swikaar Mundary) falls in love with a rich Hindu Adivasi girl Jia, (Jenny Ekka) whom he met at the marriage of a close friend of him. Though she also starts loving him after sometime, their religion and family backgrounds act as an obstacle between them.

Saathiyaa is backed by Sacred Groved Media and Centre Seat Production. Centre Seat Production is owned by Flavius Jojo who delivered the super successful Mor Sangee back in 2017 followed by Adivasi Khiladi last year. Sacred Media Grove on the other hand was formed early this year by Deepak Tirkey who joined hands with Centre Seat’s Jojo to bring Sadri language first feature film. Set in a backdrop of a serene tea garden atmosphere in Assam, the love story is a light hearted one backed with good comedy and foot tapping music. Made with a budget of INR 4.5 lakhs, Saathiya is set to release on 06th October 2019.

Watch the TRAILER:

Director: Deepak Tirkey | Cast: Swikaar Mundary, Jenny Ekka, Rajesh Tirkey, Subhash, Pankaj Tirkey

Writer: Deepak Tirkey
Sacred Grove Media
Cinematography: Pankaj Tirkey
Editor: Pankaj Tirkey, Flavius JoJo
Music: Deepak Tirkey

Title: Saathiyaa
Language: Sadri
Release Date: 06th October 2019
Genre: Romance
Duration: 110 minutes

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