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Sinjar – First Jasari Language Film Is On World Peace

Sinjar – First Jasari Language Film Is On World Peace

Sinjar is the first film in Jasari, a colloquial language of Lakshadweep Islands. Jasari is an amalgam of Malayalam, Tulu, Kannada and Arab.

The movie “Sinjar” depicts the story of an ordinary fisherman, Ansar, living in the capital city of Lakshadweep Island, Kavaratti.

Sinjar follows Fida and Suhara, two housemaids in Iraq who are taken hostages along with the Yazidi women. Ansar got engaged to Fida. The story further unfolds how the International terrorism impacts the ordinary life of an islander. The movie begins with Suhara and Ansar’s fiancee Fida, getting rescued by Ministry of External Affairs form the clench of ISIS terrorists who had abducted them from their workplace in foreign land. It’s only later through the media the islander gets to know that the rescued women were brutally raped by ISIS terrorists. Ansar too gets to know about this. Ansar started weaving doubts about Fida. Whether she too was a victim of such brutality? He decides to confront her with his doubt. But as he questions her she fell unconscious, and found that she is pregnant. Ansar decides to break up with her before wedding itself. Suhara reveals that she is also a victim similar to Fida. Will Ansar take a similar adjudication in Suhara’s case? Would he castaway his own sibling Suhara or not?  This was the topic of discussion among the islanders. Meanwhile, Fida rises from the ashes like a phoenix and decides to bring up her illegitimate kid into this world and bring it up as pious and the best Muslim.

Sinjar won the best film award in 65th National Film Awards and Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film Director.

Movie: Sinjar

Language: Jasari

Cast: Musthafa, Mythili, Srinda, Sethu Lakshmi Amma, Binoy Nambala, Sajad Bright, Dileep Munshi

Director: Sandeep Pampally

Producer: Shibu G Suseelan

Cinematographer: Sanjay Harris

Music Director: Dileep Singh

Editor: Lijo Paul


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