Title: Sonata
Language: English-Hindi-Bengali
Duration: 103 minutes
Release: 21st April, 2017

Aparna Sen’s Sonata starring Shabana Azmi, Lillete Dubey, and Aparna herself is adapted from a one act play of the same name by Indian playwright Mahesh Elkunchwar about friendship between three women.

WATCH the Trailer:

Director: Aparna Sen | Cast: Shabana Azmi, Lillete Dubey, Aparna Sen

Synopsis: This is one of the many upcoming female centric movies in the Indian cinematic scene. It gives us the details on the lives of three women, who are best friends. A banker (Dolon Sen), a professor (played by Aruna Chaturvedi) and a journalist (Subhadra Parekh) constitute the friendship. Each of them are unmarried and decide to recount their beautiful moments.

Screenplay: Aparna Sen
Producers: Dipankar Chaki, Anjan Ghosal, Vinod Lahoti, Aloke Vohra
Cinematography: Sirsha Ray
Editing: Rabiranjan Maitra
Sound: Uttam Naskar
Music: Neel Dutt

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