For an actor who has come up the ladder of stardom without any godfather in the film industry, Ajith Kumar has a tremendous fan base and a massive audience appeal across various age groups in Tamil Nadu and other south Indian states.

Thala Ajith Kumar has appeared in about 55 films till date and while he has tasted both success and failure throughout his journey in films, he continues being an idol for so many Tamil film buffs across the world.

Having observed his outstanding performances in films like ‘Vaalee’, ‘Aasai’, ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’, ‘Varalaru’ and the very recent ‘Yennai Arindhaal’, Ajith is admired by his fans for his unconventional style and striking dialogues, but he is also capable of delivering path-breaking acts at the same time. He is one actor who can carry forward any film just by his sheer screen presence and style. His performances in ‘Mankatha’ and ‘Billa’ showcased how his tag alone can elevate a film to unimaginable heights.

He has been criticized for his lousy dance moves, but through his raw style he minimizes this weakness and makes his song videos a very enjoyable experience.

Just the walk and style that he carries in his suit, sunglass and cigar are enough for fans to go crazy in the theatres. It is not necessary for every actor to have great dancing capabilities but Ajith Kumar despite knowing that, presents something new to his fans every time. Things like the flexing of his muscles as a style statement in the title track of ‘Mankatha’ to the lifting of the collar and dancing in a very local and raw way in songs like ‘Aadharu Aadharu’ from ‘Yennai Arindhaal’. He certainly meets his fans expectations every time and it accounts for a great viewing experience in the theatres without a doubt.

Not only song videos, Ajith is also known for his massy films where he shows his daredevil action sequences and delivers striking dialogues which have a lasting impact on the mind of the audience.

Being an avid racer himself, Thala Ajith does his stunts himself and the emphasis given to action in his films are pretty clear in films like ‘Billa’, ‘Mankatha’, ‘Billa 2’, ‘Yennai Arindhaal’, ‘Aarambam’ among many others. He made a bold decision after a killer transformation for a salt and peppered look for his film ‘Mankatha’ that brought out a new kind of charisma in the man. Many people especially his fans started referring to him as India’s George Clooney.

You may or may not like his films but there’s no denying that Ajith’s films deliver a full-fledged entertainment that will keep you hooked to the screen.

Besides Superstar Rajnikanth, there’s no other actor in the Tamil Film Industry currently whose introduction scene can be so impactful that it can give the audiences an adrenalin rush. Ajith or Thala as he is fondly called, gathers great respect and admiration. He is the one actor who is so humble and outright honest that he even requested for a dismissal of the title “Ultimate Star” which was given to him earlier. He believes in letting his work do the talking, and he does not like the fact that titles are kept for him. It doesn’t end there, he even donates a large proportion of his income to a cancer treatment hospital which he runs.

He garnered more love when he decided to act in ‘Yennai Arindhaal’, Gautham Menon’s latest directorial venture. Thala Ajith not only agreed to do ‘Yennai Arindhaal’ but he allowed Gautham Menon execute his plans perfectly without letting the massy image of Ajith seep into the storyline of the film. Having noticed the trend where lots of youngsters admire him and follow what he does on-screen, it’s even more important that Ajith Kumar chooses the right scripts which don’t misguide the youngsters in any way. He should strike a balance between pleasing the galleries and making sure his movies set the right example.

Over the past decade, with the grand success of ‘Billa’, Thala Ajith has stopped doing movies which have a strong social message. This comes as a disappointment to his fans as the same actor used to push himself to do meaningful movies that are entertaining yet carry a strong social message. We could cite examples like ‘Citizen’, ‘Villan’ and ‘Ji’.

One of the major reasons for this recent trend in his choice of films (which seem repetitive) is the fact that movies with a strong social message or which addressed an issue that was useful for the audience to take away flopped badly or did average business at the Box Office. Classic examples of these would be ‘Ji’, ‘Aanjaneya’, ‘Kireedom’, ‘Aalvar’ or even the recent ‘Yennai Arindhaal’. A mix of shoddy direction and a weak screenplay affected the outcome of those movies forcing our Thala to do movies like ‘Vedhalam’ and ‘Veeram’ which were fun to watch but it does not expand his potential as an actor. ‘Aasai’, ‘Varalaru’, ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’, ‘Vaalee’ comprise Ajith’s finest works.

There are many dynamic personalities in Tamil Film Industry but Ajith makes a mark and leaves it for the world to see, while constantly inspiring people. He faced a lot of criticism for his movie ‘Vivegam’ but the fact that he is collaborating with the same team again for the movie ‘Viswasam’ proves that he envisions what others cannot.

The only way to shut his critics is to deliver an interesting performance and hopefully ‘Viswasam’ will change that course.

Coming from a family with no cinematic lineage, it’s inspirational how Ajith Kumar has dominated the world of showbiz and continues to do so with his kick-ass attitude!

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