The Hindi cinema in the recent times has seen a transition when it comes to filmmaking. When it comes to movies in Bollywood, the transition seen is massive. The industry itself went through a whirlpool of changes from projects like Badrinath ki Dulhania to Newton. The industry saw groundbreaking creativity, brainless blockbusters and the pieces that went beyond the conventional genres.

Here’s our list of 5 Hindi movies that have the potential to be future cult favourites.


So we decided to start our list with the simple “non-filmy” movie that presented a very genuine approach to how a typical Bengali family is. Psychological illness, motherly affection, and demands/expectations of a parent; It’s as simple as a sick parent being taken care of by his daughter. Relatable much? This movie with its preachy morals fills us with all the good moods gently intertwined with our emotions, and just so at the right time. After movies like Madras Cafe and Vicky Donor by Shoojit, Piku is equally notable.

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How do we go about to describe this movie? A collection of those words would still be an understatement. Chaitanya Tamhane stands up as a critique and brings out a dark satire of improper functioning of our legal system. You can’t afford to miss this movie.

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Margarita with a Straw:

This movie by Shonali Bose and Nilesh puts into light the extraordinary acting qualities of Kalki after she plays the role of Laila, a differently -abled girl who tries to lead a normal life. Wheelchair; Aspiring writer; musician; middle class are just certain words to describe it followed by mother’s cancer, blind Pakistani gay girlfriend which add up to this beautifully painful movie. The true story of the director’s sister is recreated.

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This is a gem of a movie and we couldn’t love Kanu Behl more for it. With an ensemble cast, the movie is about a dysfunctional family and their quest for a dignified life. Sometimes simple things aren’t simple at all and In fact, they can be pain inflicting, gripping, harrowing, imperative and impressive. The constant reality check in the movie will hit your guts.
Don’t you dare have the guts of not watching the movie?

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Sometimes the work of two is better than the work of one, and Grover-Ghaywan pair beautifully executes the statement by capturing poetry, reality, culture, lyricism, death and all these elements. What would the word Masaan (crematorium) mean in the context of the movie? This movie talks about the town of Kashi which has been entwined with life and death circulation for centuries; and brings out a contrast between existent and non-existent, between what is and what could be, between reality and fantasy, between beauty and filth. Do you really want to miss this winner at Cannes?

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