Rediscovery Of Silent Films|Director Aneek Comes Back With White

White is Aneek Chaudhuri’s latest silent feature film that tells the story of three women surviving rape and fighting it back to lead a stronger life.

The film White is produced by La Artiste Productions and is all geared for an international festival release. The film has been shot entirely in West Bengal.


The director Aneek Chaudhuri mentions, “Rape is a serious issue. Many contemporary directors portray it in a form that victimizes a person. White is a film that in turn talks about the consequences of rape and how the victim confronts her state and attempts to live a normal life.”

The first story in White portrays an ordeal of a factory worker, while the second story depicts the life of a single mother. The third narrative is that of a married couple struggling to cope with the consequences after the wife gets sexually assaulted.

AneekWhite is silent due to two major reasons.

The consequences of rape have not been spoken about and that itself is a silent struggle for the victims. Secondly, the film intends to break all the language barriers in World Cinema as this is a universal topic.

As quoted by Aneek, “White speaks of a ray of optimism that always appears in darkness. Women always bear the brunt of many things in this society. They have this innate ability to strike back and fight against the most dreadful situations. They are invincible.”


India is a country that has one of the highest sexual assault cases. Most of these cases go unreported due to humiliation or due to fear of losing prestige in society. However, this film is about the fight that comes afterwards. It narrates the story of three women who lead different lives. All of a sudden, they’re then subjected to face the heinous crime. Their spirit of survival in unique ways is what the film is about. 

White, according to Aneek is an attempt to eliminate the usage of language and give a touch of universality.

Essentially to topics that require attention. He strongly believes that the silent nature of the film would make it more approachable to world audiences.


Title: White

Director: Aneek Chaudhuri

Starring: Kaushik Roy, Arjaa Banerjee, Sayantee Chattoraj, Piku Priyanka Dey

Language: Silent

Region: Bengal

Producer: La artiste productions

Synopsis: White is Aneek Chaudhuri’s new silent feature film. It narrates the story of three women surviving rape and fighting it back to lead a stronger life. White conjoins three tales based on a similar theme. However, each woman has her own life and a way of leading it. The first tale is that of a factory girl getting raped inside the work premises and her story of survival. The second story is about a single mother and her inability to face her own child after going through the heinous crime. It depicts the child’s upbringing in an orphanage and her return to her ancestral home after two decades. The third and the last tale is that of a raped married woman (in a village) and how her husband reacts to it (positively though) and attests his name on the victim child.

Teaser/Trailer: COMING SOON



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